Book Sales are the best. Who doesn’t love them? I recently went to the Bargain Books Warehouse sale, and I will say it is one of the BEST book sales I have been to. 

I have been going to the sale since they started doing them in April 2018. it was EPIC! The books were so cheap. In April their prices were as follows: R50 for any paperback, R70 for any trade paperback and R100 for and hardback. Great prices right!! The prices have changed now;
paperbacks are now R60, trade paperbacks are R80 and hardbacks remained R100.

Once I got there I felt so overwhelmed. There were so many books. The warehouse was huge. I started packing my trolley with everything that I wanted. Soon my trolley was over flowing. Once I had run that warehouse flat, I had the daunting task of sorting through my trolley. I unfortunately couldn’t take them all. So I started making piles. My definitely pile, my maybe pile and my reject pile. It sounds easy, but it wasn’t. I think I sat on the floor for a good hour trying to sort through the books I wanted to keep and trying to stay within what I could afford.

I walked out of that warehouse with a total of 17 books! Including TWO Harry Potter Illustrated editions! The Illustrated editions I got for R100!! You cannot beat that price!!

Once they announced their next Sale (It was in September 2018) I started saving. I also had more of a game plan. I had a list of what I wanted and I also had a bigger budget from me saving for 4 months. 

Bargain Books stepped up their game at the September Sale. They changed their prices slightly; paperbacks were now R60, trade paperbacks were R80 and hardbacks remained R100.

The best part was that they had not only one warehouse full of books but TWO!! Their tables were well stocked and categorized by genre. I still felt overwhelmed going into the warehouse as there was just so much to look at, but I did the same as I did the first time; I put everything that I wanted into my trolley with the intention of sorting it out later. 

This time I walked away with 29 books. Including 3 colouring books, a graphic novel and Harry Potter a Journey  through a History of Magic. It was a good day.

Their final sale I went to this year was their December sale. This one lasted 4 days instead of the usual 1 day. I went to the first day of the sale. The prices this time round also stayed the same. I was there bright and early as usual, standing outside the warehouse by 7:45 waiting for them to open at 8:00. 

Once again I had a list of the books I would like to get the most. I didn’t feel so overwhelmed this time round, as I was getting used to the massive amounts of books around me. They did move the sections around this time so I was a bit disorientated, but once I figured out where what was I was packing my trolley with books.

I had so much fun at this sale. I got to meet some awesome people behind some of my favourite South African bookstagrams. We laughed, we shopped and we talked books.

Once again I found amazing books at the sale.  I walked away with 28 books, including 4 children books for my nephew.

If you would like to see my September and December Hauls in more detail, head over to my Instagram highlights.

As of publishing the December sale is still happening! it is running from 17 – 20 December!! So if you are in the Cape Town area, do yourself a favour and go check out the sale. Click here to check out their Instagram for more details.

The next Bargain Books Warehouse sale has been announced for 21 March 2019.  So save the date and start saving! I hope I will see you guys there!

Light and Love