Self-published authors are either a hit or a miss. With Emma Hamm it is defiantly a HIT. Heart of the Fae is the first book I have read from her. It is one of her more popular books. It is the first book in her Otherworld series and is loosely based on the tale of Beauty and the Beast.

It follows a Beauty of a midwife called Sorcha, as she tries to find a cure to a plague that is sweeping her land and putting her family in danger. She makes a deal with a Fae that she will bring back the mysterious master of a castle from an Island that boarders the Human and Fae realms in exchange for the cure.

Then there is our Beast, Eamonn, he is the heir to the Seelie court and is betrayed by his younger twin brother and banished to an island where the criminals and fools are sent.

What I liked:

Can we talk about this cover! It is gorgeous! Emma Hamm really chooses the nicest artwork for her covers! This cover is one of my favourites. Okay now to the actual story:

I love re-tellings, but not everyone can get them right. I did like this one. The “Beast” was very unique. Instead of being a hairy, animal-like creature, he was a warrior Fae that had crystal growing out of his wounds. He was literally made of stone.

I liked how rich the world was. The world building was excellent. I liked that the fae lore was explained and it wasn’t assumed that the reader knew the lore. I was very grateful for the little extra world building.

The uniqueness of the blood-beetle plague was both fascinating and disgusting at the same time. It reminded me of the scarab beetles from the Mummy:

The story was rich in lore, characters and quite addicting to read. I liked that the characters didn’t all look Human. The Fae were not just humans with magic powers and pointy ears.

What I didn’t like:

There was some inconsistencies in the writing of the book. For example, in this world the Fae do not give a human their true name because then the human could command them. So Eamonn does not give Sorcha his name. Sorcha only knows him by the name she gave him: Stone, but there are some occasions when we follow Sorcha’s POV that she describes Eamonn by his name and then a few lines down she is back to using the name Stone to refer to him.

This little inconsistency annoyed me enough to drop a star rating. It may not annoy you as much, but once I noticed it, I couldn’t stop seeing it and that just threw me off.

The overall story was good. I really enjoyed it. It was compelling and I liked the characters. I will definitely read the next book in the series (Veins of Magic) so that I can see what happens with Sorcha and Eamonn as the cliff hanger needs to be resolved! I rated it a 3/5 Stars would have been 4/5 Stars if not for the annoying inconsistency.