Who doesn’t like to sit on Goodreads or Booktube and find out about some new books to be excited for?

Granted it is the end of January when I am writing this, oops. Hopefully I will be earlier for February. Anyway, these are the books I am excited about that will be (or have been) released in January 2019.

Ship of Smoke and Steel – Django Wexler

I am very excited for this one! It is the first of a new series called “The Wells of Sorcery” The little I know if it is enough for me to squeal with delight. There is magic, a concealed magic skill, impossible mission and a kick ass female lead who will do anything to protect family!! I am sold!! Plus look at the cover!! It gives me such Throne of Glass vibes. like seriously, that is the exact pose.

Let us hope that the series is as good as Throne of Glass. It does look promising.

White Stag – Kara Barbieri

To be completely honest, White Stag only caught my eye because it reminded me of Harry Potter. You have to admit, that looks like his patronus. But Once I read the synopsis I was like “YASSS!!” I need this book!!

It is about a young girl who is raised as a boy. So she is out hunting while her sisters are fawning over marriage. That is my type of girl!! One fateful day her village is burnt to the ground and she is captured by the Goblin King!! You read that right! GOBLIN KING!! I am there for that!! now she has to navigate this goblin court with the help of Mr King’s Nephew (most likely her love interest). Mr King dies suddenly and BAM there are games a foot to see who will be crowned the next King.

It sounds so interesting and different. I haven’t read a Goblin book, so I am keen for this one.

The Cold In her Bones – Peternelle van Arsdale

Ok I will admit it. I am a sucker for a cool cover! They are what grabs my attention first before I read a synopsis. Don’t judge, you do it to! We all do! Just look at that artwork!! It is amazing!!

The Cold in her Bones looks like such a cool story. It is about Milla, who has lived on her family farm her whole life because she is forbidden to go to the village as the village is cursed. There is a demon who possesses girls in the village. Scary stuff.

So one day a girl called Iris comes to stay and Milla finally has a friend who is not her brother. But sh*t happens and Iris gets possessed by the demon and is locked up with the other possessed girls. Poor Milla doesn’t want to loose her only friend goes on a quest to try and save her friend and break the curse, but now she is slowly starting to be possessed too….DUN DUN DUHHHHHN!!

Sounds good right!!

So there you have it. Three books that I am excited about that released in January 2019. I know you are thinking about why haven’t I included King of Scars or Circle of Shadows. The reason is simple, there are so many people talking about those I would just be repeating what they have said. So I wanted to write about three not so well known ones.

Light and Love

NovelteaFox ♥︎